• Michelle & Laura

    Wifey For Lifey

    Michelle + Laura At Ballyseede Castle

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  • Medley

    Dublin City

    6 of the most stylish venues for the modern couple

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  • Wedding Guest Etiquette

    6 outfit laws to abide by this Christmas

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    Guest Etiquette: 6 Outfit Laws & Faux Pas To Avoid

    People always ask us what is appropriate attire for guests attending a wedding.

    Bernadette Hayes Photography

    Supplier Spotlight: Meet Bernadette Hayes Photography

    Timeless wedding photographs are at the top of every busy bride-to-be's wishlist.


    Louise & Aodhan

    Sunset and Shimmer: Louise + Aodhan at The Hillgrove

    After a near disaster, Louise and Aodhan's festive nuptials went without a hitch.

    Wedding Coordinator Of The Year 2017

    Revealed: WeddingDates Wedding Coordinator of the Year 2017

    The polls are closed and the votes are totted.

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