10 Wedding Planning Apps To Make Your Day Awesome

It is engagement season! The rock lands on your finger and then, where to then?

We have done the research for you. Download these 10 applications today and start planning your big day. If you keep track of all your information from day one, the entire process can run smoothly!

1. The General Organiser Tool

iWedding Deluxe is an overall planner that will keep all your information in one central place. It is advisable to use this as your primary planning tool.

2. The Budget Tool

No good wedding can happen without a budget being set from day 1. Wedding Budget allows you to track every financial aspect of the wedding.

3. The Gift Registry Tool

You know what you want and need to set your home up. Wedding Scan allows you to scan any item’s barcode or take an image of it and then add a description so that your guests can easily get that perfect gift for you.

4. The Inspiration Tool

At the start of the process you will have hundreds of ideas running through your mind. It will take a while before things settle into place and you have a fixed idea of what you want and how everything comes together. Wedding Row gives you a central place to gather all your ideas so that you can visualise how everything is coming together.

5. The Celebrity Inspiration Tool

Mindy Weiss has planned some of the largest celebrity weddings out there. The feathers in her cap hold really spectacular names. The Mindy Weiss app will inspire and delight you with ideas as you plan your own big day.

6. The Dress Tool

iBridalGown has been designed by a bridal gown salon owner so you can be sure that it will lead you through every step of the process seamlessly (no pun intended).

7. The Music Planning Tool

Music can be tricky to plan for the big day because everyone has such varied taste. Get your friends and family involved: use The Fun Wedding app to keep track of all your songs and all the music from the ones you love who will be sharing your big day.

8. The Flower Tool

Wedding Flowers Moodboard allows you to match different styles and colours to create the perfect bouquets.

9. The Venue Tool

Wedding Dates have the best venue search tool. It is interactive and you will be able to see availability immediately. The venue is one of the most important factors in the day. It sets the tone, it creates the mood. It will form the foundation of all the memories you make that day! Choose well is what our team reckons.

10. The Google Tool

Who would know but Google is even part of the wedding movement! For those who prefer working on a computer or laptop for all your planning activities, check out Google’s tips on using their tools for wedding plans.

Do you use any other tools? Tell us about them in the comments.

{Image courtesy of William Marlow, sourced via Creative Commons within Flickr.}

Claire Burge
The Wedding Dates Team