Let Your Freckles Shine

6 Essential Beauty Tips For Redhead Brides

Finding the correct make up palette to suit your skin tone is a nightmare for any gal. But for those with soft auburn tresses or a spicy tangerine mane it can be an added minefield. These essential tips for gorgeous redhead brides will make your pre-wedding beauty regime super easy. Paired with a great make up artist who understands the look you are hoping for, you will be looking picture perfect in no time!

Let Your Freckles Shine

Stay True to Yourself

Let your freckles shine through by staying true to yourself on your wedding day. Avoid heavy foundation that is thick and will conceal your beauty marks. Opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a light powder which will leave your flawless skin radiating with a healthy glow on your big day.

Less is more

When it comes to your flowing red locks, less is definitely more. Minimal accessories such as a subtle headpiece or wildflower crown will exude understated elegance, leaving your vibrant hair speak for itself.

Define Those Brows

Perfectly arched eyebrows are the defining feature of your face. But it can be extremely hard to find the right brow pencil if your brows are fair and lacking definition. We recommend getting your brows tinted to a shade that compliments your tresses – just remember to trial run this beauty treatment a few months before your wedding. Also, speak with your MUA and test a few different cosmetic brands before deciding which pencil shade matches your skin tone best. You will be an expert in the art of the arch in no time.

Mascara Is Your BFF

A fiery debate in redhead circles leaving many confused on whether brown or black mascara is best for fluttering their fair lashes. Our advice is to choose the colour which makes you feel most comfortable on your wedding day. Au natural brown mascara will look more flattering on strawberry blondes, still elongating their lashes. While black liner will give a doe-eyed appearance and black mascara will intensify your eyes making them pop in every photograph.

Break All The Rules

Whoever said you should never wear red lipstick was clearly crazy. Because you can totally rock ruby lips on your wedding day. Famously fiery and passionate, we couldn’t think of a better colour to release your inner diva. If you are opting for a strong lip, pair with a muted colour palette for your eye make up to avoid going overboard. Pretty rose pink is a sophisticated alternative if striking red is too daring.

Ditch The Tan

If your locks are hues of strawberry blonde or gorgeous ginger, we say ditch the tan and embrace your dainty doll looking skin. For warmer skin tones with glowing auburn hair; stick to a light gradual tan to give you a healthy glow. Avoid sunbeds at all costs in the run-up to your wedding to avoid a major tanning disaster.

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