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Autumn Bliss: Andy & Eibhlín's Day At Bloomfield House

Rich and rustic purple tones, scottish accents and cheeky kilts.

Andy and Eibhlín’s wedding at Bloomfield House Hotel on October 2nd 2015 was all they hoped for and more. An unexpected flash mob when they least expected it and the sweetest father-daughter moments we have ever seen, made their day truly special.

This pair of newlyweds didn’t stop smiling all day…

Andy & EibhlínAndy & EibhlínAndy & Eibhlín

Andy proposed during a family break to Glasgow with his daughter Moya for New Year’s Eve 2014. After a few hiccups initially, he finally got to ask that all-important question!

“My stomach was doing somersaults all day. I had planned to take Eibhlín to a nice restaurant in the city but when we got there, as it was New Year’s Eve, it was closing early. I started sweating even more! We wandered for a few minutes when I came across a restaurant that my family had Christmas dinner in a few years before called Café India. It’s a really nice Indian restaurant which, more importantly was OPEN!! By the time we were shown to our seats, I just wanted to be sick! I was so nervous – which isn’t really like me. We were in a small corner of the restaurant and my excuse for not getting down on one knee was it was too cramped! It was pure nerves if I’m being totally honest. Eibh was totally gobsmacked! I think the phrase, ‘Oh My God!’ was used about 10 times! She said yes, much to my relief and we had a wee kiss. Afterwards we partied until the early hours of the morning at my friend’s house.”

Andy & EibhlínAndy & EibhlínAndy & EibhlínAndy & EibhlínAndy & EibhlínAndy & Eibhlín

“Eibh had stayed in Bloomfield House with her aunties on a getaway and said the staff were really nice and the place had a lovely, welcoming atmosphere. We did a bit of research online and went to view a couple of other venues before we eventually went to Bloomfield. From the minute we walked into the place we were treated so well by Joanne and all the staff. An area was reserved for us, we were given tea and cakes and everything was explained to us – the various packages, the options within those packages and the costs. We decided to book only 20 mins after leaving the hotel!! We had only got to Delvin before we were on the phone booking our wedding date!!”

“Each and every staff member at the hotel takes pride in their work. They were very attentive and made sure each guest had a wonderful stay. Throughout the planning stage of our wedding, nothing was any trouble. Every guest commented on the quality of the food and the fact they were all offered seconds, went down very well!”

“We went down to Bloomfield for Valentine’s Day this year. Four months after our wedding, the staff all called us by name when we came in. Given the sheer numbers of guests that come through the doors of the hotel that just shows how good they are at their jobs in our opinion.”

“Our photographer David Maury was so relaxed. He wasn’t pushy in any way, shape or form. We wanted a photographer who would blend in with our guests as much as possible and he did just that. He’s an absolute gentleman who took some fantastic shots on the day!”

Andy & EibhlínAndy & EibhlínBloomfield House HotelBloomfield House HotelBloomfield House HotelBloomfield House HotelBloomfield House Hotel

After a traditional bagpiper introduced Andy and Eibhlín as husband and wife, there was a surprise in store from the least-likely suspects – their GUESTS!

“We had no idea what was happening but before we knew it there around 30 of our friends standing behind and around us in a semi circle. Next thing they are started singing ‘Caravan Of Love’ acapella!!”

“One of Eibh’s friends had come up with the idea. Set up a website and made contact with other guests. She assigned male and female parts of the song, sent videos of how she wanted it done and they only had ONE practice session in the hotel while we were getting our photographs taken.”

“It absolutely blew us away! I had tears streaming down my face. It was amazing. It just topped off an absolutely fantastic day.”

Bloomfield House HotelBloomfield House HotelBloomfield House Hotel

Huge thanks to Eibhlín and Andy for sharing their special day with us – and Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary from the team at WeddingDates!  Also a big thank you to their photographer David Maury for allowing us to publish these beautiful shots. You can see more of his work at

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