Celebrity Weddings We Can’t Wait For

Celebrity Weddings We Can’t Wait For

Celebrity Weddings We Can’t Wait For

There’s an air of excitement in the WeddingDates office when we hear about celebrity weddings. From seeing the Twitter engagement photos to picturing how the bridal dress is going to look and waiting patiently for our invite (maybe not that last one), there are endless reasons to love a celebrity wedding. Here are some celebrity weddings we can’t wait for!

Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux

We. Cannot. Wait for this wedding! It feels like this couple have been engaged for an eternity and a half for this wedding to happen. And with pregnancy rumours flying, we are waiting on bated breath to hear more about this adorable couple’s plans.

Brad and Angelina

Another star couple we’ve been obsessed with since 2006. This couple are finally planning on tying the knot soon but we have to admit, we’re still in Jen’s camp… Sorry guys!

Kelly Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting

These two little love birds have only been dating for three months but must be certain that they are meant to be because they are engaged to be wed! Awwww… we couldn’t be happier for the Big Bang and tennis stars!

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson has been all over Twitter since her engagement in December 2012 with regular updates about the wedding plans. The singer has even released a song and video called Tie it Up showing photos of real weddings as well as supporting same sex marriage…. Well done Kelly!

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