Just Married? How To Change Your Name Afterwards

If you just tied the knot and are back from a blissful honeymoon, you will probably have a to-do list as long as your arm. For many of you, this will include the much debated and traditional task of changing your name.

Should you keep your maiden name and channel your inner girl boss? Or opt for the modern double-barrel surname whilst risking whispers from the locals about ‘those two having notions about themselves’.

It all comes down to personal choice.

If sharing the same name as your love is important to you, here’s how to go about it…


The good news for Irish newlyweds is that once you are married, you can pretty much start using your other half’s name straight away. How you earn your name is by use and repute.

However, you will need your marriage certificate as proof when notifying your name change with the the following institutions:

  • Bank Account & Credit Union – Visit your bank with a valid photo ID and request the name on your account be changed.
  • Revenue – You should advise the tax office of the date of your marriage/civil partnership, along with you and your partner’s PPS numbers.
  • Driving License – Make an appointment with your nearest NDLS centre. Ensure the correct application form is filled out, bring your current license along with your updated PPS number/marriage certificate. Full details and requirements here.
  • Insurance – update all relevant companies you may have cover with i.e health, house contents, life assurance. This will ensure all policies are valid.

Other Places:

  • Work – If you are ditching your maiden name in the office, it’s a good idea to check the following are updated. Voicemail, email signature, business cards, payroll, website bio and Linkedin.

Couples in favour of a double-barrel name for both spouses, may need to change this via deed poll. You can find full information here or by calling Citizens Information on 01 888 6000.

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