emerald wedding dreams: a re-wedding idea

i’m getting married again! wheeeeeeeeeee… i’m going to share every wedding idea i have with you because i want you to share in the fun.

do you see me racing down the hill on my bicycle, calvin chasing behind me? the flower girl is giggling her tummy into a knot. she looks adorable in her pearl and chiffon dress.

i’m a little mad for emerald this week. not sure why, but green is making my eyes twinkle. oh my! did you see the wedding ring that calvin proposed to me with? the man is feeling generous me thinks.

i’m quite liking the idea of the bridge house hotel as our venue because of it’s secret garden and old fashioned ballroom. i just love those pressed ceilings and ornate chandeliers. it suits the royalty that emerald speaks of.

for my wedding photography, which i would like christine meintjies to take, i am thinking of buying a large emerald screen print as a backdrop. i would love to use it as prop for my images with my guests. i can see all my wedding guests happily sitting around in front of this green door, whiling the afternoon away while christine is snapping, capturing, playing.

rings: i barely wear the things myself but all my girlfriends love them and so i will gift my bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party to say thank you for all that they have done.

i would like to alternate between a hat and a semi veil to go with my wedding dress. i think both will make such special photos.

anyways, i need to toodledoo right about now. this re- wedding to my gorgeous husband needs some serious planning.

my list of wedding suppliers who are going to make this wedding idea come true are:

wedding dress: cut rag
wedding venue: bridge house hotel
emerald ring: mashugana
flower girl dress: juju’s tutus
veil: one world designs
emerald door print: tracey capone
photography: christine meintjies
emerald necklace: roots and feathers
engagement ring: beautiful petra

Claire Burge
The Wedding Dates Team