Ailish & Colin

Hold Me Close: Ailish + Colin At Fota Island Resort

Thirty-nine years to the day that her parents married at St Joseph’s Church, the beautiful Ailish walked down the aisle to La Vie En Rose.

On a crisp February day filled with romance, their joy was the only thing that mattered. A little bit of her and a little bit of him, joined together to form one great love.

Ailish & Colin

Ailish wore a simple Caroline Atelier gown featuring a dramatic back. With her hair swept into a delicate tousseled upstyle and donning a statement vintage headpiece, she had an air of old school glamour. A blossoming bridal bouquet with pops of rich red petals, brought the whole look together effortlessly.

Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish and ColinAilish & Colin

An imtimate Christmas proposal at Ailish’s favourite place on earth took her totally by surprise.

“The proposal happened on the 20th of December 2014 in Fitzgeralds Park. It was very low key and very sweet. We had coffee and a sandwich and in general conversation I said to Colin ‘this is my favourite place on earth’. We continued on our walk, as I turned around, Colin was on one knee with a ring. There wasn’t a sinner in the park and it was perfect. Just the two of us.”

Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin

“Our photographer, Andy O’Dwyer, was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I gave him an outline of what I was looking for, but I liked his work and trusted him to get shots that would be a little different than the ‘norm’. As a result we ended up with a very relaxed day and we were very comfortable with him. He kept the staged shots to a minimum and caught more candid natural shots of the day. He even managed to get a confetti shot for me, that was the one picture I wanted more than anything!”

Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin

Ideally, I wanted somewhere convenient for all of our guests (majority who are city dwellers) and I liked the idea of everything being in close proximity. Having said that, no other venue really matched Fota Island Resort for us. We had both been to a few weddings there and the quality never wavered. The food was always outstanding and the room itself always left a lasting impression on me.”

“On the day, the attention to detail from the wedding coordination staff as well as the rest of the hotel staff was second to none. Our Wedding Coordinator, Nicole, took us to the honeymoon suite and asked us to remain there for 20-30 minutes to let things sink in. I’m so glad she did this for us. It was a nice time out – probably something we never would have thought of on our own! A lovely few moments where it was just the two of us and we got to take in the day’s events.”

Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin Ailish & Colin

Huge thanks to Ailish and Colin for sharing the details of their stunning wedding day with us and to their photographer Andrew O’Dwyer for allowing us to publish these moments. You can see more of his work at

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