Gaffey Productions: 8 Questions And Some Quirky Answers

1. The weather was beautiful last week. I felt like I was back home in South Africa. What are your weather and light preferences when you are shooting video?

As bright as possible. The better the light, the better the quality of the shoot. We however try to avoid “upstaging” people by shining a bright spot / beam of light on them and making them feel uncomfortable. On fantastic sunny days like we had last week – we simply love it.

2. At Wedding Dates we love the quirky factor, what makes your business and the people who work with you, different?

We are a 2 man team: husband and wife. Being married for only a little over 2 years we know what couples want and what they look out for. We have been there ourselves and not too long ago that we forgot how it is 😉 The quirky factor is, that we try to incorporate the organized German with the hard-working Irish and it works quite well we think after all we are not as different: we both work hard and know when and how to relax.

3. Weddings have those crazy moments to them: what is your funniest moment?

The funniest moment was at our own wedding, when my little nephew (he was the dedicated pageboy who carried the wedding candle) fell down the stairs in front of the altar while his Dad was reading the Prayers of the faithful. Nothing bad happened but it was kind of a “slow-motion” moment you just wanted to run up there and stop him.

4. Have you ever fallen over your equipment or done something silly where you just had to laugh at yourself?

Thankfully not! We only got ourselves the latest equipment at the end of last year and are still handling it with much love, respect and lots of TLC.

5. We love making work fun around these parts. Do you have fun at work?

Of course we do! You couldn’t be efficient or creative really without having fun at work, with work and with each other. We always look out for the latest trends and find funny things online which make us laugh out lout… about what we find or what we think about it. Laughing is the best solution most of the times, even if it is a hangman’s joke 😉

6. Tell us about your ideal wedding destination to shoot the perfect video.

The ideal wedding destination… there are so many. Although we “only” cover nationwide Weddings (and business shoots) we have some abroad destinations in mind. Croatia for example, not only is the light there perfect for a perfect Video but also is the country, the people and most of all: the food!

7. Favourite object? And it is not allowed to be your camera and video equipment.

Laptop & I-Phone…. What a great invention to stay in the loop with friends, family & business partners. Next on our list is an I-Pad – yes don’t be shocked, we don’t have one yet 😉

8. Surprise us with something…

We had a very funny yet romantic idea the other night. When pitching it to each other we noticed that the abbreviation wasn’t that fortunate really for our “STD-Shoot” … in other words: Save The Date!

Already a big hit in the US and (surprise, surprise) Germany we would like to introduce this here in Ireland as well.

Watch our facebook page for more information which will follow shortly.

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Claire Burge
The Wedding Dates Team