Hayley Paige Wedding Emoji

Hold The Phone! You Can Now Download Wedding-Themed Emojis

Holy Matrimoji, girl chat has just been taken to a whole new level!

As if we weren’t already obsessed enough with the genius that is Hayley Paige, the bridal designer has just gone and released her new wedding-themed emoji app on iTunes. Injecting her personality into the totally original and fun keyboard stickers, the series covers all the essentials a gal could need for her bride squad group chat. From Hayley’s signature flouncing dress designs, to playful bridezilla repellent, unicorn and team bride cartoons, we know these will give you a serious case of heart-eyes.

We’re literally downloading it as we speak…

Holy Matrimoji by Hayley Paige is available to download on iTunes now.

Ally Vogl

Ally Vogl is the Content & Social Media Executive at WeddingDates HQ.

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