Honeymoon at Home

Honeymoon at Home

Have you started planning your honeymoon yet? If not, would you consider a staycation, as opposed to a foreign journey?

Staycations, or stay at home vacations are a budget friendly honeymoon idea. You could save on travel costs and splurge on accommodation. Most people have not experienced the culture and heritage of their own country, to it’s fullest extent. Discover what your own country has to offer with your new husband or wife. A great thing about a staycation is, if you find somewhere that becomes very special to you and your partner, it is never too far away to revisit.

Honeymoon at Home

A  honeymoon at home can also be a trip to visiting relatives and loved ones around the country. Spend time connecting and reconnecting with your family old and new. This could be the greatest thank you of all, don’t send thank you cards, deliver the message personally!

Honeymoons can be a costly part of a wedding, especially if you are moving into a newlywed house. Brides and grooms who have children might find it difficult to be away from their young ones for too long. The thoughts of a worrying parent are not quenched easily. You could bring the kids with you, but it is nice to have an intimate getaway with just the two of you. On a staycation, you are never too far from home.

Honeymoon at Home

If honeymoon spending money is an issue, you could compromise and have a staycation at home post wedding and then save up for a great first anniversary holiday.

The great benefits of staycations include: no annoying currency exchange, no difficult language barriers, no cultural faux pas and best of all no extra sun cream or worse sun burn!

In this kind of climate, weather is always a big consideration for holidays or honeymoons, but just think about it if you don’t stay at home, how will you ever have a romantic honeymoon kiss in the rain?

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