Love And Joy: Arhani + Thierry's Sweet City Wedding

The bride that made us smile all day long…

Arhani & Thierry

Mexico and France crossed paths in Dublin’s fair city and love blossomed. We couldn’t help but smile at these beautifully natural shots of Arhani and Thierry on their wedding day.

The adorable bride’s infectious joy and laughter was captured perfectly as she twirled in her flared tea-length gown without a care in the world.

Arhani recalled the couple’s first meeting…

“I am a Mexican girl and I came to Ireland in order to improve my English. Thierry is French and came to Dublin to visit a friend (my flatmate) that he had met five year’s ago in Australia. Thierry stayed in our flat for three weeks. At the beginning we didn’t pay attention to each other, but as we started talking, partying and having fun, the flame of love emerged.

Unfortunately, after three weeks, the happy part came to an end – Thierry went back to France. Soon after, I organised a trip to visit. We followed Le Tour de France for a week and camped in the mountains before we finally went to his parents house to meet them. We continued our long distance relationship for a year before Thierry made the big move to be with me in Ireland.”

A simple and sentimental proposal in their home was oh so romantic…

“I have to say that Thierry is an excellent cook and he obviously loves French food – but Thierry is not the kind of person who gets into the kitchen every day!! Coming home one day after the gym, I saw that Thierry had already prepared dinner and was waiting for me. He had prepared his favourite dish, Blanquette de Saumon with wine, and everything was tidy.

To be honest, I actually thought that we were having friends over and that I had forgotten! I asked Thierry if we were waiting for someone else and he said ‘no, it is just you and me’. After chatting about how our day had been, he suddenly changed the conversation and told me there was a gift under my pillow. I ran to the room and oh what a surprise! A ring was underneath and Thierry was on one knee asking if I would like to spend the rest of our lives together. To which I responded with a big YES!”

“Our favourite thing about our photographer, Livia Figueiredo, is that she is my friend. She was there from the beginning of our relationship – what could be more special than that? I mean, your friend capturing the best moments of such a special day. It is just amazing, don’t you think? Livia is a very easy-going girl who takes her job very seriously. She treated us with such professionalism and respect, like any other client. I think that says a lot about the person you are hiring to capture the special moments of the best day of your life. Livia takes care of every single detail and she really listens to you, about what you want and what you expect. To top it off, she just comes up with some fabulous ideas and suggestions.”

“We laughed so much over the bouquet toss. Normally, all the single girls are dying to grab the bride’s flowers. Well, apparently all of them were either married or horrified by the idea of commitment at our wedding! When I threw the bouquet, all the girls stood still, and the only one who ran forward was my friend Denise. The resulting picture is hilarious!”

“As we were getting married in Dublin and our families were not coming, we decided to have a very small reception after our ceremony with close friends. At the beginning, we thought about a French restaurant, but then a friend of Thierry told him about Fallon and Byrne. We went to check the place out and the people at Fallon and Byrne were just lovely. I didn’t have an idea about how to organise a wedding, and they were so helpful. They told us all those small things that they could do, like flowers, our names written on the menus and the cake. We just loved it!”

“The food and service without any question was the wow factor, the food was incredibly delicious and well presented, the menu options were excellent. Furthermore, even though we did not have exclusive-use of the restaurant, the space offered was cosy and romantic. And the best part? We had great food, drinks and service for a very reasonable price!”

Huge thanks to Arhani & Thierry for sharing their joyful day with us and to their photographer Livia Figueiredo for allowing us to publish these beautiful moments. You can see more of her work at

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