Marriage: Great Couples Have a Tendency To Do These 3 Things

Marriage: Great Couples Have a Tendency To Do These 3 Things

Marriage: Great Couples Have a Tendency To Do These 3 Things

Although we all love the happy ending, it doesn’t end on the wedding day! In fact, marriage is serious work. It can be fun, but it needs to be nurtured. Once a couple ride off into the sunset together, there is a certain balancing act that can be involved in keeping everything running smoothly.

Spend more time together

This is probably something we’re all guilty of. You’re tired, and you really just want to unwind for the evening and not have to think. Or you have plenty of evening activities to keep you occupied. This is definitely acceptable every once in a while, but making a habit of this can really disconnect you from your partner. Even if you’re just sitting in the same area and talking, keeps that connection going strong.

Say ‘I Love You’

Even if you don’t normally say it often, these three words do matter. They do have an impact when you say it, even when it’s just a text message or note. Next time your partner does something nice or makes a cup of tea, remind them with three simple words. Not only do they see you care, but it can be an act of appreciation.

Admit When You Are Sorry

We’re people, so sometimes that means we mess up a little. But, we’re also proud as people. If it’s silly, just say sorry and move on. Is this really worth pouting and the silent treatment in a long term marriage? Also it’s important to know that you may not win every battle.

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