Never Over Pack again With These Honeymoon Travel Tips!

Never Over Pack Again With These Honeymoon Travel Tips!

Never Over Pack again With These Honeymoon Travel Tips!

As much as you try… That last pair of shoes simply will not fit! We’ve all been there at some point, the never ending struggle of packing for a big trip. Honeymoon packing in particular can be quite a challenge. The thought; ‘I will definitely need my straightener and curler and hairdryer…’ will probably enter your mind at some point. Before you decide to try and wear all of your clothes to the airport, we have a few little tips that will change the way you pack from now on. No more overweight suitcases and fines… We promise!

Plan Every Look

Plan your outfits literally down to a tee! There’s nothing more annoying than getting to your hotel and realising that nothing goes together. One pair of flats, trainers and heels all the same colour is exactly what you will need. The same should be applied to your handbags, clutches and purses. Bring the essentials, again, all in the same colour scheme and anything else can be found on your holiday!

Book Extra Baggage

Are you planning on a major shopping spree during your honeymoon? On your way home, find out from your airline if they will allow you to book some extra baggage. Instead of attempting to mail something home and having it get lost in transit, consider buying an extra suitcase while away. If you’re worried about the bag getting lost, pay a little extra to insure it.

Do Some Research

Call your hotel, friend’s house, where ever you’re staying and ask the following: do you have a hairdryer, towels, beach towels, iron, bathrobes, slippers or anything else bulky that could be left behind at home? Also, check temperatures and weather conditions. No need to bring any emergency extras. You don’t need them! And even if you do, it’s more than likely you can find somewhere to buy it.

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