People to thank in your wedding speech

6 People You Should Really Thank In Your Speech

Super nervous groom bricking it over the wedding speech or ultra modern bride braving a few words? If you’re worried about losing the run of yourself, keep these six thank yous in mind and you’ll be graaaand. Easy Peasy.

People to thank in your wedding speech

Your Parents

Where would we be without the rents. There for us through dodgy fashion crazes, teenage heartbreaks and school triumphs. You can bet this is the proudest day of their lives. Don’t forget to show a little appreciation.

A few heartfelt words about your own parents and how thankful you are to your new in-laws for their warm welcome to the family. A small token such as a bouquet of flowers will go down a treat with the mammies too. Sorted.

The Bridal Party

There’ll be the usual banter about the bridesmaids looking well and props to the Best Man for not sharing the stag antics. But, in all seriousness, the bridal party were probably the back-bone of your wedding.

They listened attentively for over a whole year about your plans and took it all like bosses. So, give thanks or all hell will break loose.

The Priest/Celebrant

Many traditional Irish couples will want to invite the priest or celebrant to join the top table for their evening meal. Best to thank the official who just married you – it wouldn’t have happened without them!

Your Guests

An obvious one. Distant family members and friends turned out in their droves, just to celebrate your big day. They clearly hold you in high esteem as a couple and have forked out a lot of cash to share in your happiness.

The Venue/Suppliers

It’s common courtesy to give a mention to the staff at your wedding venue who worked tirelessly to get everything oh so perfect. From your Wedding Coordinator who has the patience of a saint to the bar staff who deal with the evening’s drunken shenanigans, it was a worthy team effort.

Be aware of any suppliers such as your photographer who may also be in the room. It’s been a long-ass day for them too! It’s always nice to be nice. You may have forged a genuine friendship from your dealings with them and they will appreciate the sentiment.

And Of Course, Your Other Half

Jaysus, you’d be off to a fair bad start if you forgot to compliment your new husband or wife. Even if you’re not one for mushy PDAs, a few words will go a long way. You can always steal a few moments alone as newlyweds later in the evening.

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