Winter Wedding

8 Perks Of Having A Winter Wedding

Okay, there are lots of perks when it comes to planning a winter wedding. We know saying I Do in an outdoor ceremony with the summer sun and wind in your hair sounds very romantic, but it’s time cut the colder months some slack. We promise there’s a method behind the madness. Here’s why we heart a celebration during the most unpopular months of the year…

Winter Wedding

More Guests Will Be Available

It’s a total bummer when after months of planning your special day, half your guests are enjoying a summer vaycay. Celebrating during the winter months will totally avoid this disaster.

You’ll Nab A Bargain

Many venues offer discounted packages and late availability offers during the off-peak season, so chances are you’ll save some money on this front. If you’re a budget conscious bride, this is totally an added bonus. See our Special Offers section over on WeddingDates.

You Won’t Have To Fight To The Death

By not having a summer wedding, your competition will be totally eliminated. It’ll be free for all when it comes to choosing your preferred date and wedding suppliers.

Your Wedding Photos Will Be Magical

Many people avoid this time of year like the plague due to lack of natural lighting. But time your pictures right and you will have the best of both worlds. Take your essential photographs early in the day and organise some more romantic shots while the sun is setting and the crisp fog begins to set at dusk. Don’t forget to take advantage of all the fairy-lights during Christmas too. Winning!

It’ll Be Super Cosy

Fur wraps, mittens, roaring log fires and mulled wine.There’s nothing like a cosy welcome after being out in the cold air.

Your Dream Of A White Wedding Could Actually Come True

If luck is on your side, it might just snow! Fluttering snowflakes and white-powdered grounds, now that really is a fairytale winter wonderland.

It’s The Perfect Excuse For A Hot Cocoa Station

Like we needed to persuade you anyway! Provide a complimentary DIY s’more bar and your guests will love you until the end of time.

More Glitter & Fair Lights

Sold. When can we book?

Image Credits: Feather & Twine Photography via Ruffled

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