Pregnant Bridesmaids and New Mums!

Pregnant Bridesmaids and New Mums!

Pregnant Bridesmaids and New Mums!

Finding out that one of your bridesmaids will be pregnant at your wedding is not the end of the world and is another reason to celebrate! Your friend will be experiencing one of the most joyous events of her life. Try not to be upset and feel as though she has inconvenienced you. She hasn’t!

Your besties, sisters, soul mates and fellow gigglers are your biggest fans! Wedding planning is also a time when lots of memories crop up with your best pals. Snogging boys at the local disco, sharing maths homework, shopping trips, drinking wine together at weekends, holidays, tears and giggles; the list is endless.

Now it’s almost time for your wedding and you are relying on your bridesmaids to be there for you.
A few things to consider if you will have a pregnant bridesmaid:

  • Dress fittings (the obvious one!). If your bridesmaid is pregnant, consider how pregnant your bridesmaid will be at the time of your wedding and order the bridesmaid dress accordingly!
  • Finding maternity bridesmaid dresses can tricky, especially if you are trying to find something that is also available in non-maternity. Dresses that are fitted around the bodice but then flow loosely below the bodice are perfect.
  • Comfy shoes………… we don’t need to say anymore!
  • New Mums and breastfeeding – how easy will it be for your bridesmaid to breastfeed in her bridesmaid dress? Does this need to be considered when ordering?
  • The hen party… Your pregnant bridesmaid (or new Mum) may not be the last to bed at 6am after dancing all night on a table. Just bear in mind that her energy levels and party animal characteristics may not be what they used to be! Then again they might! ☺
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