THE Dress

That dress: the one that you have dreamed about your entire life…

Wedding dress shopping is fun. All of those road trips with your “girlies” trying on beautiful dresses, while sipping champagne. Heaven!

Unfortunately finding the perfect wedding dress can be very stressful for some brides.

When I found my wedding dress I was very happy with it and felt great in it. Did I cry? No.
I met somebody who was also getting married, and when she found her dress she said, “I cried and Mum cried”. I felt like starting the search all over again, there was obviously something wrong with me, because I didn’t share that experience. No!
Everybody is different and it is a different experience for everybody!

Here are some tips on finding your wedding dress :

• Allow as much time as you can ahead of the wedding – brides often don’t find “the” dress in the first few trips and can get tired of looking. Park it for a little while and then go back to it.

• Do not bring all 4 bridesmaids, your mum, his mum, his gran, your gran, your favourite aunt, your mum’s best friend when wedding dress shopping! More people = more opinions=more stress = less fun!

• The sales assistants in the bridal boutiques spend every day with brides. If they suggest a dress you hadn’t picked – give it a go – you never know!

• Visit Joan Cashman at the Colour and Image Academy;Joan offers Bridal Consultations where she will guide you through the decision process and show you how to select styles that suit your body shape and personality from the cuts, styles and fabrics for your wedding dress to the honeymoon wardrobe.

• You have to be comfortable on your wedding day. You have to be able to move freely, pose for photos and dance all night – so choose a dress that you see yourself doing this in.

Say I Do Bridal Boutique has a stunning collection of Lizzie Agnew dresses. Lizzie is an Irish designer and makes beautiful vintage and antique style gowns. Definitely worth a look. Say I Do also stock Pronovias, and will have their preview collection in store this autumn!

• Get the undies right! Peaches and Cream
in Dublin have a wonderful selection of bridal underwear and are worth visiting.

• Trust you instincts – if you have to be convinced that the dress looks great on you, it may not be the one for you.


{Karen Buchanan is a regular blogger for Wedding Dates. She is awesome to work with and we are not biased in any way. Find her on Facebook and Twitter. Image supplied by Claire Burge.}

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