The Jabronis

5 Guests That Rock The Dance Floor At EVERY Wedding

Wedding bands must have seen some fair funny antics during their time in the industry! We caught up with The Jabronis who shared their favourite guests who rock the dance floor every time…

The Jabronis

Our view from the stage is like no other. We love seeing the happy couple dancing the night away surrounded by their family and friends on what is one of the most memorable days of their lives.

You know what else is memorable? Those predictable yet glorious wedding guests who rock the dance floor at EVERY wedding!

Which one are you?

The Cool Kid

You gotta love kids at a wedding. The confidence and suaveness that oozes from the dapper rascals, kitted out in their tiny suits as they swagger onto the dancefloor, busting a move. They put all us elders to shame with those Bieber moves. 

The Air Guitar Guy Who Had One Too Many

There is usually more than one of these lads! The band gets to the more rockier set of the night and suddenly you see a circle of groomsmen forming, top buttons open, tie off and wrapped around their heads, ready to shred some air guitar. 

The Flip Flop Queen

It could be a good betting angle to see who is the first on the floor in their flip flops or how long they lasted in heels in the first place!! You know a girl means business when those skyscrapers go flying under the table and out come the complimentary Penney’s flip flops.

The Groovy Granny

One of our favourites is when an elderly guest at a wedding shines on the dance floor. You see them shuffle gingerly from their table, the younger guests respectfully parting the sea of people on the dancefloor. Suddenly, out of nowhere, granny starts swing dancing to Paulo Nutini and teaching the audience a thing or two about proper dancing. Proper legend!

The Irish Dancer

Happens every time. No matter what the music, there’s always one. Sure, happy out.

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