5 Things That May Break On Your Wedding Day

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Most engaged couples have their wedding planned down to the very last detail, but things breaking on the day is always something that slips the mind. Hopefully, your wedding venue will have a fabulous coordinator who is prepared for every eventuality and will act as a surrogate fairy-godmother during your celebration. But some things may be beyond his/her control. Cover yourself with these last minute tips to avoid any drama.

Things that may break at your wedding

A Boutonierre

Flimsy florals are guaranteed to fall apart or be squashed at some stage. Always order one extra from your florist as a back-up or ask another family member to give you a dig-out when taking your wedding photographs.

Supplier Equipment

When hiring your wedding suppliers, you would imagine they will be well-equipped and prepared for every eventuality. Not necessarily. Research is vital to avoid potential disasters on your big day. When scouting for entertainment and photographers, be sure to ask lots of questions such as ‘do they carry extra equipment with them’ on the day. Check out our recent blog on how to choose the perfect wedding photographer for tips on how to spot dodgy dealers.

Your Heel

Always bring a spare pair of shoes – and make sure they are flat! That goes for your bridal party too. Your brand spanking new heels will more than likely take a battering on your special day. From sinking in the grass during a summer soiree to getting ruined shooting those all-important wedding photographs in the rain, your Louboutins will thank you in the end.

Zips & Buttons

Pre-wedding nerves are bound to cause a few jittery hands. Broken zips, buttons, clasps and pulled fabric can cause huge problems before leaving for the church. Pack some safety pins, thread and a sewing needle in your emergency kit for a nifty solution.

Champagne Flutes

Your wedding venue will have these on tap, but a gentle clink will do the trick when toasting to your future happiness. Our nerves are always up to 90 at the thought of liquids spilling on the bride’s dress!

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