5 Tips To Help Choose The Perfect Wedding Menu

It’s no secret that food is a main priority at an Irish celebration and with so many options to choose from, picking the perfect menu can be a tough task. Whether you are a total foodie seeking distinctive flavours to cleanse your palette or looking for more traditional dishes that will appeal to the masses, this advice will help make your decision a little bit easier. We spoke with Michelin Star chef Oliver Dunne of Tattersalls Country House who shared his expert tips.

Oliver Dunne Wedding Menu

Tell us about yourself and your passion for serving the highest quality of food at weddings?

I take a huge amount of pride in the fact that people choose me to cook for the most important day of their lives. It is a great honour and our team takes wedding meals very seriously, probably putting more into them than any other events we do. Quality from the start to the finish of the meal is paramount.

You are the youngest chef in Ireland to receive a Michelin Star. What’s the secret to your success?

I tried to always work harder than those around me and I have always believed everything I do, could be better.

What do you predict to be a huge trend for wedding cuisine in 2016?

I think wedding food offerings tend to not change too much as weddings need to cater for a large crowd with differing tastes and preferences.  The safe option is always the best but adding little bits of flare and executing and presenting it really well makes all the difference.

Oliver Dunne Tattersalls Country House

What 5 tips would you give to couples choosing their wedding menu and why?

  • Don’t be fooled by wedding tastings – it’s easy to cook a good meal for 2. Talk to couples or friends who have attended large events in the venue previously to ensure that the venue was able to manage cooking for larger groups well.

  • Book a venue with a reputation for producing good food. Ask around, do your research and ensure your caterer or venue is highly recommended.

  • Always ask to discuss the menu with the Chef and not the wedding coordinator.  The chef can tell you which dishes he/she does best and what works best.

  • Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, let the chosen venue do what they are good at and enjoy your day.

  • When choosing the menu, think about the time of year you are getting married and seasonality of the food e.g. strawberries are at their best in summer, pears in autumn, lamb in spring etc.

Tattersalls Country House

What is your most memorable bespoke wedding menu at Tattersalls Country House?

I created a bespoke 8 course tasting menu for a real foodie couple and really enjoyed sitting with the couple discussing all the things they liked to eat and their favourite food memories.  The menu I created was based on those chats.  It was a brilliant day and its always great to work with passionate people.

For more details on weddings at Tattersalls Country House, you can view their WeddingDates listing here.

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