We Love Style Serendipity, You Will Too

A few minutes in Ciara’s presence and you will definitely want to get to know her better. We asked her 10 questions and were delighted with the answers she gave:

1. Inside your office, what happens that is magical?

My office is currently wherever I end up with my trusty mac, which
definitely varies day to day! Finding beauty in the most unexpected things
and translating them into a blog post or inspiration board is where the
magic starts happening for me. Getting to make those ideas a reality at a
shoot or real wedding has to be one of the most satisfying, exciting and
magical aspects of it all though.

2. Tea or coffee in the morning?

I’m typically Irish when it comes to my daily tea habit, but if I happened to
live with a barista, I imagine my penchant for cappuccinos would be a full-
blown addiction!

3. Do you know what passion is? Do you feel in it in your work?

Passion, to me is losing your self in something for hours, without noticing a
second has passed by. It should light up your day and make you feel alive,
motivated and excited about your world and what it contains. I’m so lucky
that what I get to do on a daily basis fills me with this energy.

Not everyone knows exactly what it is that gives them this feeling, but once
you find it, be sure to grab it with both hands and pursue it!

4. What bores you to the point of yawning?

Admin! I know it’s a necessary aspect of every job, but doing figures and
paper work has never been the highlight of my week.

5. We like the quirky factor at Wedding Dates. Your blog tells me that
you do too. Tell me about some of the recent things you have seen
that you absolutely loved?

I’m so excited by the creativity and personality that Irish couples are
starting to bring to their wedding day. No else in the world is like you and
your loved one so I think it’s so important to celebrate your love in a way
that’s authentic and a true reflection of who you are.

I attended Joy Thigpen’s wedding styling workshop in Georgia recently and
her way of looking at the world through moods, values and emotions really
resonated with me. She also has an innate talent for expressing these
values through colour and texture.

In terms of specific trends, I’m intrigued by the creative ceremony
backdrops couples are starting to embrace as an alternative to the
traditional alter. I’m also a fan of the idea of a having a whole variety of
mini cakes, instead of one big wedding cake, and the natural free flowing
forms of flower arrangements and bouquets that are starting to appear.

6. If I was to whisper to someone about you, what would they whisper
back to me?

That I like to think I can do it all- blogger, musician, stylist, teacher….not to
mind wife, daughter and friend.

7. I am a fan of string theory. Word is you play on them? Tell me more

I’m not sure my experience of string theory is quite as compelling or
informative as that of particle physics, but I have been lucky enough to
play the violin since I was four years old!

My mum is a cellist, so music has been part of my world for as long as I
can remember. In my average working week as a violin teacher, I get to
make music with students from as young as three years old, all the way to
university and adult students.

Playing music for weddings with my string quartet Sound of Serendipity is
quite a special experience. We get to be part of the emotional memories of
the day and I know hearing the pieces we play will transport a couple back
to those significant moments years later.

8. My home is full of stuffs that I have found in scrapyards and in
abandoned buildings. Can I find such things in your marketplace

I would love for the marketplace to become a treasure trove of items that
people can use as part of their wedding day. It’s a free listing service for
couples to buy and sell used dresses, décor, and accessories for styling
a wedding with character. Ideally things that could either be used in their
home after the event, or be sold on to be shared with other engaged

I think often Irish people are turned off doing something a little bit different
with the styling of their wedding day, as they either can’t get the items they
need or if they can, it’s really expensive. I hope the preloved marketplace
will give people a space to find beautiful, unusual and special items to
decorate their day and also find their dream dress, shoes or accessories at
a budget friendly price.

So if there’s anyone out there with beautiful wedding items that they would
like to sell, this could be the perfect place for you.

9. What makes you the Ciara that we love?

I hope I have put a bit of myself in Style Serendipity, the bit that says
aesthetics with substance are a valuable and important form of expression.
I hope that people are inspired by what they see, not necessarily to
recreate it like for like, but instead to become open the creative potential
that a one of a kind event, like a wedding, can give. I’d like for it to be a
space where people can dream big and if they need any help making the
styling a reality, I’d be delighted to play a role in that too.

10. I’m hungry Ciara, what are you having for dinner this eve?

Sticking to the old (and quick!) reliables tonight, chicken stir fry with plenty
of fresh crunchy veggies.

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{Image Credits: Christina Brosnan, Jose Villa, Martha Stewart Weddings, Elizabeth Messina, Rian O’Dwyer and Anna Naphtali.}

Claire Burge
The Wedding Dates Team