Wedding Band + Disco = Little Creatures

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Wedding Entertainment is a vital part of your wedding day that will ensure you and your guests continue enjoying the celebrations into the early hours. It is important to choose someone who you know can adjust to the mood and needs of your guests.

Little creatures is certainly an interesting name for a band: do spill the little beans on why you chose it? 

The name comes from a Talking Heads album which we used to play a lot of when we were putting this act together.

Tell me about the band members: one crazy thing about each person.

Little creatures is a duo of brothers Liam and John Shanahan. Coming from a musical family in Kerry we were always singing and playing and though we both studied engineering in UCC we gave it up for the love of music. John likes to bungee jump particularily in New Zealand, Liam once hitched coast to coast in the USA.

Why do I want you at my wedding? In other words am I going to swoon over your music?

Unbelievable energy, talent and enthusiasm. Every wedding is a sacred trust and a special day we love to share.

Favourite drink after a long night of playing?

John a lucozade, Liam a single malt.

Favourite moment at a wedding so far?

The 1st song at every wedding is amazing, so romantic.

Any freaky audience members encountered?

Loads but my favorite in recent times was an old lady just last week. She  came up after the wedding and said “You boys are very good, I really enjoyed the night, I think of you as Christian and Elliot”. ( I had to google it to find out what she meant).

Each band member’s favourite instrument?

John has an American made Strat over 25 years old bought in L.A. They just dont make them anymore. Liam got a birthday present of a grand piano which he plays constantly, everything from Beethoven to Elbow.

What type of price range am I looking at when I hire you?

Depending on the day of the week and time of year 1000 to 1700 for band and disco.

What do you need me as a bride to do, to make sure the evening runs smoothly?

Give us as much info as possible: about your family gang and yourselves. What you like, what you detest, what makes you cringe so we can get a plan for you to ensure the best party you can have.

The Little Creatures is made up of brothers, Liam and John Shanahan who have made their mark around Munster and beyond. The brothers formed 12 years ago and have become known for their fun, energy and amazing voices. The duo also have the ability to provide an after performance disco, which means you can organise a full nights entertainment worry free.
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