Wedding Photography: 9 Questions for Katherine Newman Photography

1. What are your ultimate loves?

Photography (of course), shopping, fashion (shoes and handbags in particular) and home decor and DIY! Oh and English toffee flavoured frozen yoghurt (YUM!).

2. How did you decide you wanted to become a photographer?

It was actually during a holiday to Thailand in 2009 that I bought my first DSLR beginner camera especially for the holiday and fell in love with photography! I have always wanted a career that I could wake up in the morning and be thrilled to do for the rest of my life, and be so passionate about, I never thought I would actually find it and feel so blessed that I did!

3. Tell us about your favourite wedding you have worked with?

My favourite wedding so far has to be that of Milly & Dave in England, UK! They had a circus inspired theme complete with a red and white striped marquee, and hay bales for guests to sit on during the ceremony! This was a DIY wedding, done so tastefully and so elegantly on a budget and so much love put into it that the whole day just blew me away! It always amazes me how much can be done yourself and can end up looking better than if you had spent thousands on an event planner!

4. Cosy nights in or glamorous night out?

At the moment, pregnant with my first baby, it would have to be cosy nights in! Although, I must admit I am looking forward to a glamorous night out with the girls after he arrives.

5. Cupcake or Brownie?

Definitely cupcake! I have an utmost respect for those that are able to bake them – I have tried several times but just cannot get it right! There is something so girly about a cupcake, I think that’s why I love them so much.

6. What moment of a wedding do you most like to capture?

Apart from the decor (I’m a decor fanatic!) it would definitely be the part where the groom sees his bride for the first time, you can almost feel his thoughts and the emotion involved in that moment is incredible, I love it!

7. Who inspires you? 

I am very much inspired by the talent of local photographers and artists, I can be inspired by a decor concept or detail like a cushion or a straw – it just happens that way.

8. If you hadn’t become a photographer what would you have done for a living?

If I hadnt become a photographer, I would have liked to be involved in another creative field, possibly graphic or fashion design (which I studied) after high school.

9. Tell me something that will surprise me…

Hmmmm…. I am actually really critical of my own work, being a perfectionist I have to stop myself from comparing my work to that of other photographers. I have days where I feel I simply am not good enough, but that is the process of a creative, or so I hear!

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Katherine first studied fashion and received her Diploma in Fashion Design before turning to photography. Upon moving to London and meeting her love, it wasn’t until she had been engaged almost 3 years that her love of photography came to surface. Katherine wanted to pursue a career in something she would love to do each and every day, and that was photography!  Katherine Newman Photography was born. Katherine’s images shout romanticism and all things magical, you will feel as if you are part of a fairytale! Make sure to check out her website.

Levi Moriarty

Levi is a Journalism graduate from Limerick who carries out the role of Online Editor here at WeddingDates. She has a love for fashion and beauty, anything floral and is also known not to be able to resist a cupcake!

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