Wedding Poll Results: How Many Guests Would You Invite To Your Wedding?

We wanted to know how many guests you would invite to your wedding. Is it an intimate affair you wish to have or a larger party celebrated amongst all those you and your groom know? The results of the poll are in and we can now share that the wedding poll results were..

How many guests would you invite to your wedding?

  • Less than 50 – 15%
  • 50-100 – 37%
  • 100-200 – 32%
  • 200+ – 16%

As we can see there was a close percentage of votes between those that would invite 50-100 guests and those that would invite 100-200. Many factors can influence a wedding couples decision on their overall number of guests such as the size of their family, their wedding budget and the maximum number their chosen wedding venue can cater for.

Our next wedding poll is ready to go! This time it’s all about your lovely bridesmaids, ‘How many bridesmaids will you have in your wedding?’

Get voting ladies!!

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