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I’ve been a Wedding Professional Photographer in Ireland for almost a decade, and I love to capture images revealing love, happiness, hope, excitement and the entire spectrum of human emotion. It’s a challenge and a thrill, and thats what is best in Wedding Photography.

Many of my images have won numerous awards from Wedding Journals to International Wedding photography contests. I have been recognized by Social Media like Weddingsonline.ie and MRs2B.ie where many of my Weddings have been featured. The Wedding Journal Show has choosen me as an official Photographer for their Event in Dublin

Thanks to my unique documentary style combined with portraiture and creative photography my work is beeing recognizable also abroad where I often work.

I capture the authentic, intimate moments that wow my clients!!!

As an experienced Documentary Wedding Photographer I try to not only describe reality as it is. But to combine it with Portraiture, Creative and Contemporary Wedding Photography. In my Portraits I am trying to show the real nature of the human and the personality.

My photographs show the real beautiful nature of human emotions. You can find there happines and reflection and also the very funny and hilarious side of The Wedding Day.

I would like to invite you to have a look at my Wedding Galleries. I wish this journey to bring something meaningful in to your lives and inspire you.

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