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All faiths and none.  Your ceremony as wished by you.....

I love weddings, romance, intimacy, ambience, excitement, laughter, kinship, meaningful words - all things that weddings are about.  I will work with you to create the ceremony that you want, wherever you want, any day of the year you want.  It can be on your favourite beach, in a woodland grove, on an island, in a fairylight-lit barn, near a lake, on your favourite hill or in your own garden.  It can have a theme.  You can play any music you want.  It can be a dawn or dusk ceremony (with birdsong - how beautiful)!  It can be any day of the year (think New Years Eve, Stephens Day, Summer solstice, bank holiday Sundays).  There are no limits to your creation.  The beauty of working from your imagination is that you will also have more control of your budget which can be limiting for a lot of couples.  Whatever your heart desires and will make you smile many years on from your special day is whats important.  Remember to enjoy every moment of your day as I know from personal experience that it just whizzes by. 

I would love to meet you and I conduct traditional and same sex ceremonies.

Love and light


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