5 Spring Wedding Themes That Are in Bloom for 2020

The new year has finally arrived, and the countdown to your spring wedding gets shorter every day. It’s exciting to wake up and know you’re one step closer to marrying the love of your life, but there are still many final details to pull together.

Whether you have a wedding planner or not, you’ll need to focus on what will make your ceremony and reception shine. You might look around online for inspiration, but how do you know what will work in the spring? Seasonal ceremony trends can be hard to tell apart, but you don’t need to worry any longer.

Check out these five spring wedding themes that are in bloom for 2020. You’ll add a touch of springtime elegance no matter what your ultimate vision looks like. See if any of these concepts will work with what you already have planned, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have an incredible day.

1. Create a Specialty Liquor Bar

Some venues limit brides by only allowing beer and wine on the property, but most other places will allow liquor as well. If your chosen location doesn’t prohibit spirits, go all out on the specialty liquor bar trend. Provide multiple unique drink options with the proper glassware, plus extra garnishes.

Consider hiring a bartender to push a bubbly bar during your cocktail hour or to carry around wines that pair well with your dinner menu. Indulge your guests with all the best drinks by making each glass look picture perfect.

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2. Make Your Ceremony Sustainable

Going green has become more popular with every passing year, which is why the lifestyle has transformed into a spring wedding theme. You can easily make your wedding sustainable if you know where to start looking.

In the final months of planning, look for eco-friendly registry options. Ask for things like stainless steel straws and metal tea bags. Anything reusable and made with sustainable production processes will help you minimize your carbon footprint.

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3. Save Memories With Drones

At this point, you probably already have a photographer signed up to cover every aspect of your day. You’ll want photos captured from every angle, which is why many spring brides have begun to use drones for their videography. Hire someone with experience to fly a drone around your outdoor activity.

These flying wonders make it easy to save memories in touching videos with creative angles you couldn’t get on foot. Be aware that some drones can be noisy, so they may not be right for you if you plan for everything to happen indoors.

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4. Consider Pastel Colors

In most cases, brides can adjust their flower arrangements right up until the wedding. Think about the colors you’ve chosen and consider switching to pastels for your spring theme. Neutrals like white and cream pair perfectly with any light shade. Try soft hues like green, blue, lavender, and experiment with flowers of different textures and sizes. Pastels are an eye-catching 2020 trend that adds a classy elegance to any venue, cake or decor.

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5. Wear a Long Veil

Long veils used to be more traditional, but they gave way to fingertip and birdcage veils in recent decades. Now brides have turned back to long, trailing fabric. Changing times and celebrity choices have inspired this resurgence of flowing material.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas stunned the world when she wore a 75-foot veil that required six bridesmaids to help her walk around in. Although you may not wear something this extravagant, a chapel-length option is a great way to participate in this spring wedding theme.

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Match Your Personality

Think about these popular trends to figure out which ones match your personality. You might want to skip a long veil and opt for an abundance of pastel flowers or ditch a camera for a drone. It’s easy to make these themes work for any ceremony, even if you’re only weeks away from your big day.

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