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7 Tips For Booking Your Wedding Band

After the ceremony has concluded and the canapés have been consumed, it’s time to listen to some toasts, eat dinner…..and DANCE!

Follow these 7 tips for booking your wedding band and your guests will be dancing so much they’ll forget what table they’re at.

Ask Around

One of the best places to start you search is to ask other couples. Chances are you have a friend or a friend of a friend that has had a really awesome wedding band. This can at least lead you in the right direction to start your search.

Go To A Show

This seems like a no brainer, but you should defiently see your band play before they take the stage at your reception. Check them out to see if you like how the sound in person, if they play any songs that you’ll want on your night, and what kind of energy the create in the room.

Make Sure They Fit

It’s also important that your wedding band fits the venue, both the space and with your theme.  Your wedding venue might also have set sound and space limitations. So before you sign any contacts make sure to communicate with your venue and wedding planner about any restrictions.


If you plan on having a band at your wedding reception, look early and book early! Good wedding bands will be snatched up quick, so make sure this is something you get out of the way as soon as you find a band you love.

Sign Some Paperwork

Make sure the band has a contact for these types of gigs and READ IT CAREFULLY! Pay attention to details in the terms and conditions, such as cancellations or any other information in the event of an emergency. Contracts are also helpful for setting up payment methods, booking deposits, and how long you expect them to play on the day.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

It’s a possibility that the band may have traveled a fair distance to make it to your special night. Make their life a little easier by providing them with food, refreshments, and maybe a place to take a quick break. A happy band will result in better entertainment and a more enjoyable night for you and your guests.

Find A Band You Love

This is your big day! Make sure you’ll be able to put on your dancin’ shoes and enjoy your reception with your family and friends.





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