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Here is a lovely post from our intern Cassie who joined us in the office last week!

Weddings are your own personal event between you, your partner and your close family and friends but why not make it that bit more personal? We have some tips for you!

1.Special Wedding Dress Details
Have that family member who you love to bits but who has passed away and you would love for them to be at your wedding? Try this. Get a piece of clothing belonging to that person, (preferably similar to the colour of your dress, maybe even a bit of their dress. Don’t use something that you can’t cut up!! Make sure the family are okay with it. You want everyone to be happy with this.) Cut a bit off it, just something small that you can stitch into your own dress. Despite the fact they’re not there to wish you luck you still have a part of them with you and on your wedding dress, something you will keep forever.

2.Story of the program.
Use your program / Mass Booklet to tell people about you and your soon to be spouse. On the first few pages tell the story of how you first met, the story full of love and romance. Carry on then with the stories of your first Valentines together, first Christmas, meeting the parents and other special moments together. If there’s a child or children involved tell stories about your relationship with them. When it comes to the wedding party then have little notes about how you know each other. If the officiant would read out a few of the different stories it would add a really personal touch to the whole ceremony. If not sure there’s always a chance at the reception. (Somewhere in between all the embarrassing ones!) This also gives the guests a deeper understanding of you as a couple and your relationship.

3.Picture Perfect Reception
Pictures can play a huge part in the reception. There’s plenty ideas to make it extra special and personal.
When the guests arrive you could have a photographer there to take pictures of them. Instead of sending out a thank you card you could send them the picture with a signed note from the couple on the back. Much more heartfelt than a thank you card I feel.
When you come in the door you could have a collage type collection of photographs of the wedding party. When they were younger, with the bride, with the groom, even with the couple. Don’t let them know your doing this and surprise them. They’ll probably be embarrassed at the start but they’ll realize then that your just showing them how much their participation in the event means to you.

By the guest book you could have a photo frame of the happy couple as children and through their relationship and if it’s possible maybe even a photo of the married couple! If you feel there’s too many photo’s why not have a photo wall? Maybe hang a bit of chicken wire up on a wall, (securely with no bits hanging out. You don’t want anybody getting hurt!) and get nice pegs and hang them up that way. Around them you could put pictures of the family members that are married on their wedding day. Have a Mr side and a Mr’s side where they meet in the middle. Very personal touch that makes every family member feel involved. If you don’t want those pictures up all night you could do a slideshow instead. Maybe even involve some videos if there are any. You could play it before the speeches.

4.Shine a Light
Want to honor someone close who you lost? Why not do it though sky lanterns? Now with their Eco-friendliness, they’re the perfect way to remember a loved one. (Make sure to tell the local fire brigade that your releasing them. Safety first! They can be on the lookout for them on the day.) They’re cheap and very touching.

These are just some of the many personal touches you can add to your wedding.

(Image by Stephen Brace. Sourced via Flickr Creative Commons Images)

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