Beginner Bride Fitness Tips: How to get fit for Your Big Day

Beginner Bride Fitness Tips: How to get fit for Your Big Day

When it comes to fitness and fitting into that perfect dress, any bride can feel the pressure to look their best. As well as this, the planning, lead up and even day of the wedding can be like a marathon for any couple. No matter you’re level of fitness, most brides will have an interest in getting in shape for the day. That’s why we’ve asked the team at Glenroyal Hotel and Leisure Club to give us some beginner bride fitness tips for the big day…

When it comes to fitting into that dress, every bride wants to look their best, but of course, every person has a different fitness level. What is the first step a bride should take if they want to get fit?

The first step would be to book in for a fitness assessment & program. A qualified instructor will be able to gauge your fitness level and create a personalised program for you with your specific goal in mind. Whether it is losing a few pounds to look better in your dress or toning up your arms & shoulders, a program will ensure you start off on the right track.

Beginner Bride Fitness Tips: How to get fit for Your Big Day

Strapless is probably one of the most popular options for Irish brides. What would you recommend for a total beginner looking to tone up their arms?

The approach to toning your arms is two-fold. Firstly, any cardio exercise that is upper body driven, such as rowing will help to burn the fat tissue. Then, you need to tone the muscles in your arms, your triceps & biceps. Any kind of push and pull exercises will tone these muscles. Push exercises can include chest press & shoulder press while pull exercises can include seated row & lat pull downs. Any bride can also add in little extras at home that will boost toning such as tricep dips at the edge of the sofa while watching your favourite soap or bicep curls with bean tins while cooking dinner.

Many brides (and people) can often find it difficult to keep track of their fitness plan and may fall off the wagon. What is the best advice you can give to keep someone motivated?

The advice we give to everyone is to get involved in the classes in your local gym/ leisure club. We find that people who vary their workouts and include swimming and classes like Aqua Aerobics, Spin or Yoga tend to stay more interested in their fitness regime.

Booking a few sessions with a personal trainer can also help to keep you motivated. A great idea is to get your future husband involved in your fitness goal. Ask your fiancé to reward you when you reach your goal with a treat that is agreed upon by both of you ahead of time. It could be a weekend away, a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant or maybe he could even clean the entire house! The possibilities are endless. With motivation like that, what woman could falter!

Beginner Bride Fitness Tips: How to get fit for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding can get a little stressful at times! Do you have any exercises for de-stressing (besides squeezing the life out of a stress ball!)?

Any kind of cardio exercise that raises your heart rate will release stress-busting endorphins. In the months & weeks leading up to your big day, don’t forget to make time for yourself to exercise. Also, Yoga is full of gentle stretching and deep breathing which is great for relaxation in the lead up to your wedding day.

The wedding day is full on and a bride really does have to be on top form for the day. What you recommend for brides who want to keep their energy levels up?

One of the most important things on your wedding day is staying hydrated. If you become dehydrated, you can feel lethargic and can even get a headache. Aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses of fluid (Champagne does not count!) throughout the day. Also eating small meals regularly during the day will help keep your energy levels up.

When beginning any new fitness regime, consult a doctor or fitness professional before beginning any exercise program.

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