Bridal kitchen party tae towels

Bridal Kitchen Parties

Bridal kitchen party tae towels

What is a Bridal Kitchen Party?

Bridal kitchen parties are when you and your closest family, friends, in-laws, old neighbours gather at an aunt or neighbour’s house for some fun, food and games! Each guest coming to the kitchen party brings a gift for the bride for her kitchen. The original reason for this is to assist her in her household duties. Fortunately it’s just for fun nowadays! Cookbooks, saucepans, aprons, tea towels are common gifts. There is also usually a spending limit on the gifts

So, why have one?

A lot of brides might not realise this but bridal parties are a great way to have a night out before your wedding, with your mothers, in-laws and older relatives without inviting them to the more outlandish hen party night (if you decide to have one). It’s also a good time for bonding and having catch ups with friends you might not have seen in a long time.

We have a game! How do you play?

Well, after a few cups of tea or glasses of wine the ladies all gather around in a circle as the bride sits in the centre, blindfolded. One by one the presents are passed over to her and she has to open them and feel them as she tries to guess what they might be! A bridesmaid or guest takes notes of all the descriptions of what the brides guesses. When all the presents are open the quotes are read back to the group and usually gives every one a good laugh!

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