Bridal Make-up : 8 Questions For Fiona Harrison

1. Hi Fiona! So tell us, what is your favourite bridal make-up look?

I always advise my brides to “Be yourself — and you’ll be beautiful. It’s you he asked to marry him, and it’s you he wants to see at the altar.” So my favourite look is a Classic Bridal look, a traditional and elegant make-up where a bride simply looks the most beautiful polished version of herself! Flawless glowing skin, soft washes of colour in neutral tones to enhance the eyes, gently contoured cheekbones – the look is pretty, graceful, exquisite and most importantly timeless. The photos will look amazing – forever.

2. How did your career as a make-up artist begin?

Really it began many moons ago with my first part time job in a pharmacy on a make-up counter, I quite literally fell in love with make-up, its power to enhance and transform enchanted me. Now more than a decade after I professionally trained and qualified I am still every bit as in love with it.

3. How should a bride prepare her skin for her wedding day?

For your wedding day, great skin definitely helps a flawless make-up. I would recommend for the best results, you should start preparing your skin six months before your wedding. It sounds extreme, but it can make a big difference!

Treatment wise I’d recommend brides have a professional facial every month – with the last one not less than 10 days before the big day. If regular professional facials are out of your budget then seek advice from the skin care specialists in beauty counters. Many are actually qualified Beauty Therapists and should be able to recommend homecare products suited to you. But the more expensive the product does not necessarily mean the more effective it will be or even that it’s right for you. Always ask for samples to ‘try before you buy’ and seek advice from more than one counter.

Your home regime should consist of cleansing, toning and moisturizing, twice a day morning and night, twice weekly exfoliation & a weekly mask. But the real secret to great skin?  Water. Drink at least two litres of this good stuff every day for hydrated dewy and radiant skin.

4. Do you think every bride needs to have a make-up trial?

Absolutely! In fact I would say it is essential – you wouldn’t choose your dress and then try it on the morning of your wedding. Instead of stressing about your exact look, your wedding trial gives you the freedom to tweak and perfect your final make-up beforehand and gives you the assurance that your vision can be achieved on the day.

It’s important to take the time in your trial to sort out all the details  – the right foundation and the right foundation shade, which false lashes (if any) works best for you, how much eye makeup you’d like, the right lippy colour for you and knowing how much is needed of each product. You’ll also get the opportunity to see how the make-up will last throughout the day and night.

Your trial allows you and your makeup artist to get to know each other, gives you the opportunity to evaluate their professionalism and gauge their work firsthand, and also tests just how well you two gel. Your make-up artist is an integral part of your wedding morning & it is sooooo important that you feel comfortable and relaxed around them as well as being completely confident in their ability to make you look your absolute best.

5. What is your favourite make-up brand?

OMG that is such a difficult question! Can I cheat and answer with my favourite brand for essential items – a short list of favourites if you will?

  • MAC for Eyeshadows,  Pigments & Lipsticks
  • Make-Up Forever for High Definition Foundations, Concealers & Blushers
  • Chanel for Powders & Bronzers
  • Urban Decay for Primers & Setting Sprays

6. What one product could you not live without?

The make-up item I can’t live without is my MAC Neutrals palette, this magic multi-tasker allows me to define shade highlight conceal all from one box.

7. If you had one wish it would be…

Simple – for my make-up to grace the cover of Vogue Italia!

8. What do you enjoy to do on a day off?

My perfect day off involves a lie in, meeting up with friends for a long lazy brunch followed by the browsing of many make-up counters (it’s not a job it’s a vocation lol !)

9. If you could do the make-up for one celebrity bride who would it be?

I’d love to work with Jennifer Aniston, she is a simply stunning and I imagine her to be as beautiful on the inside.  It would be a real pleasure (and great fun I think) to spend her wedding morning with her.

Fiona Harrison is an internationally published professional make-up artist whose clients in addition to many celebrities include RTE & SKY television. Fiona is based in Dublin and provides a mobile service to your home, hotel or studio and is available for travel, nationally and abroad.

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