20 Ideas For Neutral Bridal Nails That Are Anything But Boring

Looking for the perfect manicure for the big day?

It’s no surprise that neutral nails are a winner when it comes to beautiful bridal tips. We know what you’re thinking… neutral can be soooo boring! But it doesn’t have to be. Pinks, nudes, creams and even whites make for the ideal nail colours for the big day because simply put, they’re classic. After all, you don’t want your bright orange polish colour to steal the spotlight when you look back on your wedding photos years later. Something chic and classic is a safe bet but as we said, they certainly don’t have to be boring! Add an extra flair to your bridal mani with a touch of gold, some sparkling rhinestones or delicate designs.

Whether you opting for a simple manicure or extra long tips, there’s something for every bride looking for the perfect nail style.

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Photo by Zachary Poisal on Unsplash

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