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Guest Blog: The Wedding Planner's Wedding Part III

Wedding Planner, Caitriona Foley, of True Romance Weddings is back with an update on her own special day! Since we last heard from our guest blogger and bride-to-be, she has crossed some big tasks off her wedding checklist, popped that all-important question to her besties and found THE Dress. Here’s all the juicy details… 


It’s been a busy couple of months since I last blogged about our wedding journey.

Between work (both writing and wedding planning), looking after our son who’s now 9 months old, a knee injury followed by surgery (Sean’s, not mine!), a house move and everyday life, we’ve been taking our time on the wedding planning front.

In the meantime, two of our very good friends have also gotten engaged, and both couples are beating us to the altar and have lots planned already! It’s great to have ‘bridal buddies’ as I call them, and we’re so looking forward to their big days next year.

We have gotten a few big jobs crossed off our wedding checklist, leaving plenty of time ahead to focus on the finer details such as decor and stationery – both of which I will be doing myself.

We booked our wedding photographer, the fantastic Paul Duane from Loughrea. I have known Paul through the wedding industry for the last couple of years, and the first Real Wedding that I featured on my own blog was actually shot by him! Paul has a lovely style and it was important for us to have a photographer that we can be totally relaxed around. He’s very much in demand so we wanted to book him as soon as we could; he already has bookings in for 2019!

The music for our wedding was always a sticking point.

We are both very much into rock and 80s music, and trying to find a live band that would do our favourite songs justice was turning out to be very difficult. We also had a lot of difficulty getting in contact with people – I found that I was only getting generic emails back from some bands, and the one band that we really did want was way out of budget.

So, in the end we went back to the idea that I originally had – Phil Cawley, the Today FM DJ who previously hosted Friday Night 80s. He is a fantastic wedding DJ and has turned tables at lots of Irish celebrity weddings. This way we know that all of our favourite songs are going to be played in the original form, and Phil will have people on the dancefloor all night!

I proposed to my bridesmaids Linda, Marie Claire and Emer. I couldn’t imagine doing it without them by my side – I’ve known them all for 10 years since college, and although they all live in Cork, we are still super close. They accompanied me on two dress shopping appointments in Cork, one of which was good and one which was very bad!

I won’t name names, but the experience was very disappointing. I came out of the day with elements of different dresses that I really wanted, but there was no single dress that met all of my criteria. I considered getting my dress specially made, but was still keeping an eye on the different collections coming in to the boutiques online. I spotted a stunning Mori Lee dress on My Fair Lady Bridal’s Facebook page which looked like the perfect mix of what I had been trying on, and decided to make the journey to Castleblayney in Monaghan to see it. From the initial phone call, I had a good feeling. I only had time on a Monday to go up, and when I explained that I had a baby, they said “bring him along!”.

After a long car journey, we arrived at the boutique. I picked out a couple of dresses to try on, but of course I had to get into the one I had seen online firstly. It was stunning – and after trying on a few others, I came back to it. It’s the one! I’m paying the deposit this week, and I’m very excited! The whole experience at My Fair Lady was wonderful, and even though I was on my own, I had no trouble making the decision. It just goes to show that you don’t need a big entourage with you to pick out a wedding dress if you know what you want.

I’m going to be visiting a couple of wedding fairs over the coming month or two, which will be strange as I’ve only ever been on the exhibitor’s side of the table! I’ll be hoping to get some inspiration for decor, have a look at bridesmaids dresses and formalwear, and perhaps look at honeymoon destinations. I’ll also be putting a timeline plan in place to work on stationery and decor, as I want to give myself plenty of time to put everything together.

Until next time…

– Caitriona Foley

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Caitriona Foley

Caitriona is a professional wedding planner with True Romance Weddings and contributes tips and advice regularly to the WeddingDates blog.

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