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The Perfect Wedding Setting

We were lucky enough to speak to Michael O’Sullivan of the Castlerosse Hotel, Kerry. Michael gave us great advice for newly engaged couples and told us about his favourite wedding trends.

The Castlerosse Hotel

“If I had to give some words of advice for newly engaged couples starting their planning, I would say book early! It makes things much easier is you have an optimum date in mind initially and a “ fallback” date in case the first doesn’t work out. When deciding on a date look at the church (or registrar if a civil ceremony), reception venue and band in unison before committing to the date.”

“Couples have a lot to worry about when planning the big day. Being based in such a popular location like Killarney, room availability and being able to accommodate all their guests are couple’s main initial worry.”

The Castlerosse Hotel

“Preparation is the key! When we meet the couples for their wedding tasting and they have tasted the food they seem to be a lot more relaxed after . We usually go through a lot of the details of their wedding on that night so that we are all ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’. When it comes to the day of the wedding, couples are usually very relaxed when I meet them as all the hard work has been done in advance and they can do no more, but enjoy their special day.”

“This year, I have noticed that we seem to be getting a lot more enquiries for weddings from 100 to 150 guests which suits the Castlerosse Hotel perfectly.”

“The traditional speeches after the meal seems to be less in vogue and couples now prefer to do their speeches before or during the meal.This puts less pressure on the bridal party as they are able to enjoy their meal a lot more. Mothers and Brides are also more involved in the speeches now and that is a very welcome trend.”

“We at the Castlerosse are looking forward to when the legislation is passed when civil ceremonies can be held outdoors. Our breath taking location will be ideal for civil ceremony weddings.”

Castlerosse Hotel & Holiday Homes

“For the day of a wedding in the hotel everything goes up a gear. A lot of planning and work would be going on the days before the wedding to make sure that we have covered everything. Coordinating with all the departments in the hotel to ensure that the day goes as smoothly as possible and all preparations are completed well in advance of the guests arriving is the main priority. We constantly check to make sure that nothing is overlooked or left to chance, which takes a lot of time.”

“When the guests begin to arrive we switch to a different mode where we are trying to make the guests as welcome as possible and look after their needs. When the bride and groom view the room first when it is set up and  are happy, then we know that all the work has been worthwhile.”

The Castlerosse Hotel Wedding Venue by Don MacMonagle -

“The ‘Wow’ factor of the Castlerosse Hotel is quite simply, the view! When I show couples where the drinks reception is held in our Grosvenor Restaurant and they go out on the balcony to see the Lower Lake of Killarney and the Magillycuddy Reeks are in the backround they are ‘blown away’.”

“The Castlerosse Hotel is the perfect wedding setting.”

Thanks to Michael for taking to time to chat with us. It’s great to hear that the ladies are playing a bigger part in the wedding day speeches! If you want to know more, visit the Castlerosse Hotel, Co. Kerry wedding venue.

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