Expert Advice On How To Choose Your Wedding Band

Entertainment is key when it comes to pleasing your wedding guests. What better way to get loved ones up off their seats and enjoying the party into the wee hours of the night than with a band?!

But before you go booking the first ensemble you find online, you’ll want to adhere to some friendly advice. This week we caught up with Noel from Rock Shandy who let us in on a few helpful tips for choosing a wedding band sure to satisfy on the big day. Here’s what he had to say…


In this age of social media, there is less opportunity for real interaction. Some weddings can be booked completely online without even meeting the suppliers. Positive interaction is important, for your own peace of mind. I would always encourage people to phone and speak to the bands, this way you can develop rapport, ask loads of questions and get a good vibe.

Most bands have a set list which they have developed over time.  When you have chosen the right band, it is important that you trust them to provide a great show. Ensure that you like the band and their show. Regardless of your own personal taste in music, it is so important to consider all your guests on the day and choose the band that will ensure everyone enjoys the night. A good band will have ‘road tested’ every song before it even makes it into their wedding set.

It is worth making the effort to see the band play live. Most bands will be playing showcase gigs regularly. Find out where the band is playing and check out the live show. Do they engage with the crowd? Do they create a party atmosphere? Be sure the band has a show rather than just playing songs. If you see a mix of people dancing at the show, you can expect a similar reaction at the reception. Check how quickly the band starts the next song. Fewer gaps will keep your guests engaged.

Finally, volume is what will upset your guests. If bands are too loud, people will leave the room. Make sure the band can control their sound and keep it to a reasonable level.

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