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7 Clever Ways To Keep Kids Entertained + Well-Behaved At Your Wedding

Hire an Entertainer

Keep the kids spirits high throughout your wedding day! Here at Wedding Dates HQ we’d recommend hiring a clown or face-painter which should keep the little one’s entertained for hours. Plus, the entertainment can tie in perfectly with your wedding theme, if you plan accordingly (swoon!)

Organise a Kid-Friendly Playlist

Are you horrified at the thought of your little one disappearing on your wedding day? Why not consider setting up a kid-friendly playlist in the room next door, featuring all the classics from High School Music right up to modern-day Frozen. It will allow the kids to show off their dance moves, kick back to their favourite tracks and even get involved in group activities like musical chairs.

Serve Plenty Of Iced Cupcakes

If you know kids then you’ll know they ADORE a delicious iced cupcake from time to time. Our personal favourites are red-velvet and chocolate. The cupcakes also provide the perfect distraction for the kids, taking their mind off all the hustle and bustle for a solid few moments. Top Tip: When it comes to ordering these scrumptious treats, opt for a less sugary selection, to keep them from getting that dreadful sugar high.

Two Words: Kiddies Table

What’s a wedding without a few kiddies tables complete with streamers and funky decor? The little one’s will absolutely adore this idea, especially if they’re seated next to their favourite cousin. Consider quirky napkins, fun-sized piñatas and more, for the kids to enjoy on your special day.

Vintage Inspired Sweeties

If there’s one thing kids can’t get enough of, it’s most definitely sugary sweets! Think back to your childhood favourites: love-heart treats, flavoured lolly-sticks and chewy gummy bears. The best part about vintage inspired sweets, is there’s just so much there to choose from.

Toys + Game Favours

Keep the kids smiling from ear-to-ear during your reception, by passing out cute tubs full of crayons, colouring books, stickers and jellies! The more activities included in these popcorn buckets, the more your kid will have a chance to unwind and get involved in something both creative and inspiring!

Photo Booth

Are your kids super photogenic? Then you should consider setting up a photo booth at reception! Not only will it be the height of entertainment with the kids trying on quirky glasses and pulling funny faces, but it also offers the perfect opportunity to create memories with your little one’s that will last forever!



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