peach and mint colour palette

Colour Palette - Peach and Mint

peach and mint colour palette

There is something to be said for peach and mint colour palettes. They are so effortlessly pretty and  just make sense. The technical speak for this is that red and green tones are on the opposite ends of the colour spectrum – think about it, green and red at christmas time!

Peach colours come across as airy, light and romantic while green is earthy, grounded and natural. The two together spell a concoction of vintage, sweet, class and love. Romantic colours like this are perfect for garden weddings. This palette is beautiful with china and summer drinks and makes us think of sweet and pretty afternoon teatime!

The best thing about this palette is that it works so well with florals and cakes. Perfect for spring or summer! My favourite picture is is the top left cake  – what’s yours?

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