Cork Honeymoon Hotspots for Kimye

Cork Honeymoon Hotspots for Kimye

Cork Honeymoon Hotspots for Kimye

A few WeddingDates team members were in a state of shock yesterday! Our favourite couple of the moment, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (otherwise fondly known as “Kimye”), fresh from their widely publicised nuptials, landed in none other than Cork International Airport yesterday at 3:00p.m.

Cork Honeymoon

We’re still not completely over it! But, the more we think about it, the more it makes sense. The stunning, gorgeous scenery and the great nature of Cork people (sure we’re great craic) – it seems pretty obvious really. So considering Kimye have deemed Corcaigh a suitable spot to celebrate their first few days as a married couple, we figured that we MUST offer them a few words of advice on some Cork honeymoon hotspots like.

Cork Honeymoon Hotspots for Kimye

The English Market

A fond location for the queen during her 2011 visit, The English Market is definitely a worthy spot for this power couple to check out. With gorgeous local produce and a fantastic atmosphere, there’s plenty of craic and culture to be found here!

Fota Island

A must-see spot for anyone visiting Cork, Fota Island has to be one of our favourites. Definitely worth a visit if you’re reading this guys!

A Local Match at Cork FC

Kanye and Kim have received a personal invite via Twitter from Cork Football Club themselves; and there is great atmosphere to be found here!

Cork Honeymoon Hotspots for Kimye

Lismore Castle

Technically NOT a Cork location but we’ll allow it. Currently the rumoured spot Kimye are supposedly relaxing in, we can easily see why this is. The privately owned and stunning Gothic style castle is a gorgeous spot for anyone to find themselves in.

Cork Honeymoon Hotspots for Kimye

Sheep’s Head

This European Destination of Excellence – situated between Bantry Bay and Dunmanus Bay is a staff favourite as well as a common favourite among fellow ‘Corkoians’ (that’s Cork people to all you non-Cork people). With 88 km of rugged hills, coastlines and cliffs; it’s not everyday you’d find a scene like this in LA!

We have had the most fun speculating where this pair could be. Do you have some advice to offer Kimye on where to head next? Share your tips in our comments section!

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