DIY: How To Make Geometric Hanging Flowers

We are loving geometric hanging flowers at the moment – floral decor at weddings has reached a whole new level! And these are gonna be hot for summer weddings in 2016. We recently attended the fabulous Oh Me, Oh My DIY Winter Workshop, where Jill O’Keefe of Wild Floral Couture gave a masterclass on how to create one of these beauties – from just two Primark hangers! Yes, you heard us right! If you’re a craft goddess or bride on a budget, this how-to guide is calling your name – but we’re pretty sure yours will be much better than our attempt!

Geometric Hanging Flowers


  • One pack of copper-coloured hangers from Primark
  • Cable ties short & long
  • Wire thread
  • Scissors
  • Floral foam brick available at Hobby Florist
  • Round cage foam cover
  • Flowers, foliage & decorations of your choice

Geometric Hanging Flowers


  1. Stretch two Primark hangers into a diamond shape. Do both at the same time to ensure they match – try three if you’re feeling really brave!
  2. Slot them together to create a diamond shape. Use cable ties to bind the bottom and hanger tops of each together securely.
  3. Once the foam brick is fully soaked in water, place your cage cover on top and slice foam away to fit the circle shape. Push cage down until completely filled with foam and wipe away excess from the outside. Don’t forget to place your cage cap back on!
  4. Choose a strong cable tie to slot through the end of the foam and cage. Tie securely to the base of your diamond, using more ties if necessary.
  5. Here comes the fun bit – select an array of flowers and foliage for your decor and begin placing these into the foam.
  6. Be sure to cut these to the required lengths depending on how dramatic your theme is. Always use lighter branches and stems as these will stay in place.
  7. Have fun decorating. Go wild by using bright colours and ribbon for a festival wedding or add berried and red petals for a Christmas affair. We opted for understated elegance for our winter wreath – well we tried anyway!

Image Credits: Jessica Cooper Photography; Pop Sugar.

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