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Engagement Ring Style

Tis the season to get engaged, fa la la la laa, la la la laaa!

Maybe you are waiting for a special someone to drop down on one knee, or maybe they already have! Either way, we have some beautiful diamond engagement rings for you to look at!

Here are some points to consider when deciding on the style of your engagement jewellery.

Voltaire Diamonds

Even though it can be tempting to buy the first beautiful ring you see, be patient. There are so many different types and styles of rings on the market, don’t make a snap decision you might regret. This ring will be on your finger and a precious treasure to you for the rest of your life, you want the perfect one!

There are Melee style rings, which contains smaller diamonds that weigh .18 karats or less, usually placed around the band.

Voltaire Diamonds

Antique style engagement rings are my personal favourite! They are usually a large halo piece shrouded in even more diamonds!

Are you stuck deciding between a princess cut diamond or a round cut diamond? Why not get a multi-stone ring and have them all!

Voltaire Diamonds

Solitaire rings are classic, elegant and will never go out of style. These rings contain a single, but nonetheless superb diamond.

Coloured rings are a beautiful way to incorporate your birth stone colour, your favourite colour or a colour that represents something to you and your significant other.

Voltaire Diamonds

If you would like to know any more about the dazzling diamonds featured in this post, visit Voltaire Diamonds website. Consultations are by appointment only, so book yours now before this exclusive jewellers gets booked up before Christmas. Call 01 4794220 to set up yours and find out more about these exquisite engagement rings. Voltaire Diamonds Private Offices are located near St.Stephens Green on 15 Harcourt St, Dublin 2, call today to find your perfect engagement ring.

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