Five Fun Hen Party Activities for More Adventurous Hens

Five Fun Hen Party Activities for More Adventurous Hens

Five Fun Hen Party Activities for More Adventurous Hens

Though a lot of hens still choose the traditional route, there are also some hens that choose to make their hen party one that’s truly made for them. After all, that last night of freedom need not always involve a wild drunken night on the town especially for bride-to-be’s that really do not enjoy that sort of thing.

Typically, the task of planning for that hen party falls on the capable or incapable hands of the maid of honor. Now, that planning process may not be that difficult, but it can be quite time consuming. To make things easier, anyone tasked with planning for the whole thing should just consult the bride-to-be to know what she really wants. If the whole thing is to be a surprise, just stick to what the celebrant truly wants.


A sense of adventure always accompanies those things that will grant new experiences. For some hens, that can be in the form of an archery class. Those that have always been fascinated with Robin Hood or even Legolas from Lord of the Rings might want to take a shot and see how good they are with a good old bow and arrow.
This particular activity does not really require a lot of time nor does it require a lot of strength. However, a steady hand and eye will definitely make it a fun experience.

Quad Racing

Quad racing means going off track at the fastest time possible… to win! For a lot of hens, this is a lot more fun than go karting around a particular track. Of course, driving at fast speed through springs and muddy terrain is not for everyone.

On the flip side, for hens that can tolerate that mud, quad racing can also be a fun way to explore those wide open spaces. What’s more, some friendly competition between friends can make the activity a lot more fun as well.

Five Fun Hen Party Activities for More Adventurous Hens

Water Rafting

Adventurous hens that would rather spend some time in the water can choose to enjoy wild water rafting. Getting bounced around that small boat can seem scary, but at the same time, the experience itself can be quite exhilarating.
Though it helps to know how to swim for this particular activity, it really isn’t necessary. White water rafting can certainly make that hen do an unforgettable experience.


Coasteering has become a rather popular stag and hen party activity for the thrill and adrenaline rush that it provides. This activity will involve climbing up a ledge, jumping or diving into the water, and swimming.
If it’s a dry climbing activity, that’s not coasteering. Adventurous hens that do not mind getting wet should definitely try coasteering.

Five Fun Hen Party Activities for More Adventurous Hens


Though hard core adventurers would hardly see glamping as an adventure worth looking forward to, it is the next best thing for hens that have to compromise with their “not so outdoorsy” friends. Glamping is camping in luxury and it is a great way to enjoy both worlds.
Imagine sipping champagne with a bonfire in the middle of the woods… that’s glamping. The tents are made as comfortable as possible as well. It really just like normal camping with all the perks and benefits of staying in a hotel. If there’s a need to compromise with other folks in the hen group, choose to go glamping.

Those are just five activities that adventurous hens might enjoy for their hen do. Ideally, the hen party activities involved should be those that the celebrant really enjoys doing. However, it will still be important for the organizer to take into consideration the wants of the other participants. So, choose the right set of activities to make sure that everyone gets to have a great time.

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