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Four Reasons To Hold A Rehearsal Dinner

Everything you need to plan your pre-wedding soiree…

Meet & Greet

The rehearsal dinner is the perfect occasion to meet all your friends, family members and in-laws before the wedding. It’s also a great time to catch up with your loved one’s and give them a tour of the venue before the festivities commence.

Gift Swap

This is the ideal time to shower your bridal party with gifts and support. Gifts for parents and in-laws can also be given at the rehearsal dinner as one last send off before the big celebrations.

Toasting Time

Traditionally, once guests have indulged their sweeth tooth, toasting time begins. The groom’s father begins his heartfelt speech,  toasting his future daughter in-law and her relatives. The groom follows closely behind toasting his new bride-to-be, guests and hosts.

Quick Reminders

What about those last minute refreshers? This is the best opportunity to remind guests where to go the next day, what they’re supposed to bring and when to get ready beforehand. A bigger audience, should definitely be reminded of any activities for the next day, as well as times, locations and transportation to and from the ceremony.


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