Fun Hen Party Ideas (That Don’t Have to Involve a Drinking Session)

Fun Hen Party Ideas (That Don’t Have to Involve a Drinking Session)

Fun Hen Party Ideas (That Don’t Have to Involve a Drinking Session)

When most think of a hen party, usually the same visuals come to everyone’s mind: pub crawling, giant ‘L’ plates, hot pink and some embarrassing phallic shaped novelty object. While we are not knocking the cliché (hey, it’s there for a reason – it’s fun!), if that doesn’t sound like your ideal weekend activity, the good news is that there are plenty of other options that don’t involve sitting in a pub.

Roller Disco Party

I did this a couple of weeks ago, it is seriously the best fun ever! Having never even worn a pair of skates before, I was a little worried I may come home minus a tooth, but to my surprise, it was actually pretty easy. And most skate parks have protective gear. Roller Jam both have venues in Limerick and Cork and Spin Roller Skating is a great center in Dublin.

An Airbnb Getaway

I have this app on my phone and I’m constantly looking through it. Not because I am well travelled, but mostly because I love looking through the gorgeous listing. For that alone it’s amazing, but if you’re looking for a scenic spot to rest a few heads over a weekend, there are some amazing finds on Airbnb.


Round up the ladies for a full DIY sesh. Whether it’s making some décor for your wedding, or just for fun – DIY can be a really therapeutic activity. As long as it doesn’t involve a hot glue gun. Plenty of craft shops offer DIY Saturday classes too if you don’t feel confident enough to host a tutorial of your own.


Not a new idea at all, paint balling is a great activity for the girls who don’t mind playing rough! Leave the make-up and girly girl stereotypes behind… This is war! If you’re still mad that your bridesmaid hasn’t returned your favourite top yet, maybe you should sit this one out! I learned the hard way…

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