How to Get Your Girlfriend The Perfect Christmas Gift

When it comes to getting your girlfriend the perfect christmas gift, we’re the first to admit, it’s not so easy. We pretend we don’t want something, then drop hints like bombs and expect you, the spouse to get our very mixed message. This year, make your lady happy with these gift ideas!

christmas wishlist

Just Ask

Ask and you shall receive. Not every girl cares if she’s surprised on Christmas day and a lot of people prefer to make sure their loved ones haven’t spent money on something they won’t use.

Listen For Clues

But if your lady likes the element of surprise, there’s no doubt she will at least leave some hints along the way. Whether she says how much she REALLY likes that Kate Spade purse or she sends you a link to the new iPhone, be sure to look out for the clues.

christmas wishlist

Ask Her Friend/Sister

When in doubt, do a little extra digging. Ask around, she has definitely mentioned her secret wishlist to a close friend or sister.

Something That Signifies Your Relationship

Take the opportunity to expand on a shared moment together. Maybe you both love the same movie, or band, it could even be a gift card to eat in the restaurant you had your first date in. Either way, she’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Something You Can Do Together

Sometimes, a good gift is one that allows you to make more memories together. Is your favourite band playing in town soon? Is there a country she’ll always wanted to go to? Take this as an opportunity to share experiences rather than just getting new stuff.

Bonus Tip

Always…. ALWAYS get some kind of gift receipt where possible. Just incase she’s not happy. And we highly recommend not getting any gift cards or jewellery. Unless of course it’s a big rock that’s going on her left finger of course!

Aileen Swansen

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