Getting Engaged: How to Tell Everyone

Getting Engaged: How to Tell Everyone

Getting Engaged: How to Tell Everyone

We bet you are on cloud nine right now? And rightfully so! Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime occurrence and is definitely one of the happiest times in a young couple’s life. After you’ve dusted off some of the magic that is your fairytale story, you’ll be ready to scream it from the rooftops! But before you begin Instagramming that beautiful new ring, remember that there is an etiquette on telling your nearest and dearest.

Tell Your Parents/Close Family First

These guys are top priority when it comes to breaking the news. In person is always ideal. You only get to spread the cheer once so make sure you do them the honour of telling them first. Have the champagne ready to celebrate!

Resist The Urge to Tweet/Text/Facebook

At this moment, you’re probably ready to burst! But it’s important that all your important family and friends know personally before making the news global. Think how offended your best friend may be if they found out on Facebook?

Make Sure Your Nails Are Done

Your left ring finger and hand will be getting plenty of attention, so make sure your talons are in top condition are ready for the close up of the ring! Get creative with how your photo will look with fun backgrounds. Don’t be afraid to take plenty of versions – but just upload one!

Perfect Your Story

When it comes around to your engagement party, you will have this scéal rattled off in under three minutes. Everyone will be asking you the question for a long (long) time, so take your time and craft a lovely retelling that reflects the magic in that moment!

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