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Last week we talked about how we’ve noticed men upping their game for weddings and it got us thinking about how little space men often get on wedding blogs. Recently it seems that these groovy grooms have really started having fun with their wedding attire, making more of an effort with unique ideas. So with that in mind we decided to look at a big aspect of men’s attire, bow ties!

Bow ties have really come back into fashion in the last few years with the resurgence of vintage trends. They’re a fun way to add a little elegance to your day and can really brighten up a simple suit.

If you have your bridesmaids dresses bought, you can tick another thing off the never ending list! But, what about the groomsmen? While we know men have it a lot easier than us (come on, they do!), it can still be quite easy to get it wrong when it comes to bows and ties. Mismatched and brightly coloured ties are becoming popular whether it be a bow tie or necktie your groomsmen choose to wear. Bright colours and different patterns looks great in photographs giving them a fun look. As much as this may be an excuse to post pictures of nice looking men on the blog, this mood board is be filled with playful colours and patterns to inspire you!

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