Hen Parties: 8 Questions for Dean from Henit.ie

Planning the ultimate hen party can be an exciting yet daunting task. You want to choose activities that everyone will enjoy (I’m not sure my Auntie Ann would enjoy a pole dancing lesson for example!) and their are often different tastes to cater for. While some brides like to plan every detail themselves, others will leave it to her trusted maid of honour to make the plans! It depends on each and every person, I know myself I am the type of person who needs to be fully in the know and like to personally make the plans! Why not get a helping hand from henit.ie leading hen party organisers here in Ireland? We took a few moments to chat with Dean to find out how they can help you plan your perfect hen party!

1. Dean, what is the story behind www.henit.ie?

We originally started off doing just stag parties, but over time we slowly started to branch into the hen parties as well. We have seen the demand slowly rise for them and we have high hopes for next year with our newly launched hen party website.

2. What trends do you see emerging in hen parties, say in the last 6 months?

I can see a lot more people starting to use companies like us. The biggest headache with organising a hen is trying to please everyone and get the money off them. Our system rules this out as everyone pays online and can even do weekly installment plans.

3. What is the best feedback one of your clients has ever given you?

Gosh, thats a tough one, we get so much nothing comes to mind. If you have a look at our page, you can pick yourself.

4. Adventure or relaxing at the spa?

Most hens these days seem to be more up for some adventure. We actually had a group at the weekend that went paintballing which most people would consider to be for stags. They had a ball but they did not finish the game because it was too sore..

5. What are the top activities that are being booked for hens at this point in time?

Cocktail lessons and dance classes. We launched our naked man painting this year and it has being increasingly in demand so we are happy with that.

6. How do clients generally connect with you?

We try use all forms of contact but Facebook and through the website would be our main.

7. If you were a woman planning a hen… if it could be anything, what would you do?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. A nice spa weekend package springs to mind for some reason!

8. Coffee or ice cream?

Ice cream, yum yum!

Henit.ie is Ireland’s leading hen party weekend provider. They take all the hassle out of your weekend planning with our online payment system, our payment installment planner and our wonderful henit party planners. Ensuring you and your guests enjoy the perfect hen party at the destination of your choice! The team are happy to custom make a hen party weekend especially to suit your wishes and budget.

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