Hen Party Theme: Old Ladies

Hen Party Theme: Old Ladies

Hen Party Theme: Old Ladies

We love a great hen party. It’s the bride’s last chance to have a little fun just before her wedding. And, it’s a great stress buster in between wedding plans. Recently, someone in our office (who shall remain nameless) attended what is definitely the best hen party theme ever… Old ladies (or auld ladies as we like to refer to it as).

If cowgirl themes and ‘L’ plates aren’t really you, there is plenty of fun to be had in a giggle worthy theme like this. For those who love a little silliness and don’t take themselves too seriously, this is a hilarious theme. To the unsuspecting party goer, the sight of a dozen ladies dancing in a night club is definitely a sight to behold. Plus, we love the fact that this look is extremely easy to pull off. A silk scarf around the head, a set in your hair (or rollers), some badly applied red lipstick, a long skirt and blouse; you’re half way there!

Famous Older Ladies

Why not take it up a notch and play tribute to some of your favourite older ladies with a famous theme. There’s a lot of wisdom in these gals!

Rose (Betty White), Golden Girls

One of our favourite shows of all time, Rose is a great character on the show. Plus, think of all the hilarious 80’s outfits you can try out!

Angela Lansbury, Murder She Wrote

Aside from the strange coincidence that everywhere she turned up, someone died, Murder She Wrote was a brilliant show!

Mrs. Doyle, Father Ted

‘Will ya have a cup Father?’ Carry around a tea pot for the night and you’re good to go!

Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Perfect if you end up having a sten (a hen and a stag), especially if you can do the voice.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Probably one of our favourite older ladies EVER (too bad she wasn’t a lady), Mrs. Doubtfire is the kind of nanny or friend everyone would love to have.

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